Random Thoughts

I seem to have a bit of a cough that I noticed a few days ago. I felt funny but I do not run to the doctor for every little thing. And then I thought that if I admit that I have been coughing I will be treated differently and if I am sick and hide it I would be dishonest. This is one of the after effects of CV hysteria. It has come to a point where normal illness and seasonal illness can be used to prove a political point.

I wonder how long it will be before people get tired of wearing a mask and avoiding social gatherings for fear of getting sick? I wonder how many people have lied about their condition to avoid getting fired from a job? I wonder how many kids continue to miss out on school because their parents are not being honest about healthcare?

I think that between misinformation from the anti vaccine zealots plus the poor performance of our national health officials has made CV worse than it had to be. It was not a plot. It was incompetence and ignorance. The good news is that it is over.

One final thought. If you are posting on Facebook or Twitter you are a dinosaur and out of date. It’s like you still watch TV on an analog set with an antenna on the roof. Competition from companies with better ideas and better products and services that we can use will do what government regulation cannot do. Culture and technology changes whether we can keep up or not.

Back Home

I’m glad to be back home after a busy time of travel. For me there is more fun in the planning and the preparation than in the actual going. But I am glad that I did it. I made up my mind to do things as I am able and not to put things off until I cannot do them any more. I got home yesterday from my trip to the Gulf cost of Texas. Very nice to be on the beach and to see the sights unique to ocean front views. Today I have been trying to unscramble my check book. I won’t say it is hopeless but it may take time to fix it.

Today I will take the rental car back and that will be that. I am grateful that I could go and I am thankful for a place to come home to.

The Beauty Of Nature

Whether you are photographing desert wildflowers in the spring or woodland foliage in the fall even the best photographers rely on luck sometimes. I read an article in Arizona Highways magazine about desert wildflower photography and the wrote that you can know where to go and when to go and still there is no guarantee that you will get a stunning photograph of wildflowers in bloom. I am sure that this is true for the New England tree foliage admirers who know where to look and what to look for. Just being in the right place at the right time is no guarantee of success.

That makes the wonder and the beauty of successful nature photography so amazing. To be able to capture the beauty of nature in bloom or in the fall is wonderful. I cannot capture images like that but I do appreciate the images of those who can capture them.

I have been where the leaves turn color in the fall and where the wildflowers bloom in the spring. Both inspire joy and gladness in my heart.

Dental Work

My son in law is a dentist. I hear he is a good dentist. I need some work done on my teeth. But for some reason my son in law the dentist will not be doing the work. I found a good dentist where I live now and I went to see her yesterday. She seems competent and able and I have the money so she will do what needs to be done.

I wonder why with family things like this seems so awkward? I do not want there to be a rift between me and him so I decided rather than hold it over his head I would let a stranger work on me. It seems to be much easier to do it this way.

My SIL works in an office that is too far away from me on top of it all and I would not want to drive that far for him to work on me. The new dentist is nearby and much easier to get to.

I do not plan to tell my family about my dental work until it is finished. Relationship is important and I do not want their sympathy. I have to live with myself.

One final thought. When Kathy and I were married Kathy and my mother did not get along. I only have reconnected with my mother since my wife died. I wonder if this with my SIL is similar. He and I have a hard time just communicating. He may be a DDS but I am smarter than him and I have to watch what I say so that that I am not talking over his head. He is a good man and he is married to my daughter. But not all family relations are guaranteed to work.

Tired And Rambling

I am back home after a weekend train trip to visit my granddaughter. Train travel is fine but it is very slow and it is hard to adjust to the pace. I can check train travel off of my list.

I spent a wonderful day with my granddaughter last Saturday. She is a fine young woman who I pray will find a husband soon. She is looking!

The travel experts on YouTube make everything seem so wonderful. But the reality of travel is that it is tiring and it is a way to get somewhere. It is the destination, not the journey, that is important.

Sometimes for me the thought of doing something is better than actually doing it. This is strange but not uncommon among people.

I can’t seem to get my mind in gear on any one topic today. I must be tired from my 15 hour train trip yesterday.

Why I Blog

Sometimes I wonder if I am one of the only ones to have a blog who is not selling something or trying to earn money from their blog. I am not a writer or a professional anything. I am just a man who lives alone and who has found solace and relief by getting my thoughts out of my head in a way that eases the pressure or the confusion of my life. Writing for me brought clarity to my thinking.

It was a friend of mine who first suggested to me that starting a blog might help me. He was concerned by my troubled state of mind after my wife died in 2014 and he thought that writing things down somewhere might be a pressure relief valve to help me to clarify and articulate my thoughts better.

I started blogging in the olden days before monetization was a popular option; when online content was produced by amateurs not professionals getting paid to post. To this day I keep 3 blogs, all aimed at different audiences, and none of which are making me any money. Maybe that is why I still have them; there is no pressure on me to produce content. When something arises in me that rises to the level of interest to me I write.

So as long as I find a reason to write I will continue to use this space to express my thoughts and my ideas for free.

Friday Follies

I have lived in this house only 7 months. I am over my minimalist phase and I am taking steps to fill at least some of this house with stuff that makes me happy. I am old enough to understand that I do not have a lifetime to accumulate stuff anymore so I need to jump start the process. The big items are finished so now it’s the little things like knick knacks and wall art and whatever else catches my eye or speaks to me.

It has been a tumultuous time since I moved here. I have wondered if it was worth the upheaval and the upset to make this change. The issues that motivated me to move have not changed so the answer to my question is yes, it has been worth it. Better days are coming.

By the way, I tried to post pictures to my blog and I do not have that option. It’s not worth paying for a blog to be able to post a picture now and then.

Grief left me feeling like a square peg person in a round hole world. I did not seem to fit in anywhere. That is not as pronounced living here though the feeling still persists. I am aware that whoever I was before Kathy died that person is dead and I am not the same man that I used to be.

By this time next Friday I will be on the train for a short weekend trip to visit my granddaughter. Have you ever ridden on a train? I haven’t in many years. So this will be one of my big adventures this fall. This will help make up for the adventure that I lost when CV shut everything down in 2020. Funny but I have no desire to try to resurrect those old plans. The time to do that is long gone and I have moved on to new things.

I hope you all are happy and well.

New Bike Is Here

My new bike arrived today. Tomorrow I will take it on a ride. This is my second bike now so I have the luxury of having bikes dedicated to specific rides. One of these days I will learn how to post pictures on my blog so you can see what I am talking about!

Latest News

Well I ordered a sofa and it is on the way. I tried to be different but it didn’t work. So I bought something that I think that I will like and when I go to visit my granddaughter I intend to look for artwork and trinkets to fill in the empty spaces of my house. I thought that the minimalist look was for me. But it left me feeling empty and barren and sterile. So I am in the process of making my house livable and comfortable and secure.

I also ordered a new bike. It ought to be in any day now. I will keep my old bike and still ride it but I needed a newer and better one since I put thousands of miles on my old bike.

You have heard the vow of till death do us part in a wedding ceremony? That is how I feel living where I am. I may not live out my final years in this house. But I have moved for the final time in my life if I have any say in the matter. When I die they can scatter my ashes and be done with me. But until then I intend to get as much out of life as I am able.

I do not post pictures or get too detailed for security reasons. I do not want some creep snooping around online or in person. I wish I could for my friends here.

A Sofa For My New House?

I have a spot in my new house that needs a sofa. It is the right size and it would be a perfect spot for a sofa. I even kind of know what kind of sofa I would put there. And then I ask myself, why do I need a sofa?

I do not entertain and I rarely have anyone visit me in my home. I can only sit in one chair at a time and I currently have 4 chairs in my living room. I would have to move one of those chairs to another room to make space for a sofa.

What would I do with a sofa? The short answer is about this time of day nearly every day I would lie down on it to read or to watch videos. Supper is over, chores are finished, and it is time to relax. In my old house I had 2 sofas and that’s what I used them for mostly.

Now when I want to lie down to read I go lie down in my bed. And that works fine. I pile up 2 pillows under my head and I get comfortable and I can stay there until it is time to sleep. So again, why do I need a sofa?

I may yet buy a new sofa. I have always had at least one sofa in every living room that I can remember. But until then I will finish this post, turn out some lights, grab my tablet, and go lie down in my bed.

BTW, I live alone so there is no one to cater to and no one to think of and no one to tell me what to do so my bed reading affects no one by me.