Grieving Lesson 1

As I attend my Griefshare group we are studying out of a workbook as well as watching great videos and having helpful group discussions. I will as I am able share some of the things I learn in these groups and label them as lessons.

Grief is natural and inevitable. Grief is our way of expressing our sense of loss. And anyone who has grieved or is grieving knows that this is an intense and chaotic and bumpy ride. Many times we wonder if we are losing our minds. It is like our whole world has been turned upside down and we struggle to make it right again. It affects our minds, our souls and our relationships. And grieving is much harder than we could have ever imagined.

One thing to remember is that the depth of your grief is linked to the depth of your love. If there had been no love there would be no tears. Someone has said that grieving is the price we pay for loving someone. And while everyone grieves differently, all will grieve ultimately for the person who has died. But as intense and chaotic as it is, it is perfectly natural to grieve when a close loved one dies.

One thing I learned at Griefshare is that we need to take care of ourselves. We need to allow ourselves the time and emotions to grieve. We need to let our emotions out, even if they frighten us at first. Emotions that are quenched or suppressed will eat at us inside and can do real bodily harm. Remember, God is not shocked or surprised by your condition. He can handle all you say to Him. Never be afraid to tell God how you feel and ask Him for help and peace.

Grief begins as a tangled ball of intense emotions swirling around inside of us. No one around you will understand you. But your friends at Griefshare will. And the comfort is, no pain or unpleasantness will last forever. This is a journey through grief, not a place to live.

Finally, there are some practical things to do or not do. Embrace your grief, don’t hide from it. Do not make any important life changing decisions for a while. Narrow your focus and take the next step. And make a commitment to attend a Griefshare group. It will make a difference in your life. I promise.


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