Suddenly Single

January 2014 started out like any other recent year for Kathy and I. We were making plans, dealing with her health issues, and talking about the future. Kathy had been sick for a long time but it was under control and we were adjusting to life as it was, even if it wasn’t as we wanted it to be. So it was a big surprise when I cam home from work and found my dear wife dead in our bed. She had taken a turn for the worse on Sunday and was dead by Wednesday. Talk about PTSD. I was in shock. I was devastated by this event. I was suddenly and unexpectedly single.

Three years have now elapsed since that traumatic day. I am doing fine now. I attend a Griefshare group for support. And it seems like the worst of my grieving journey is behind me. I still have moments when things inside me are not right, when my emotions weigh me down. But I am learning how to adjust and move on and not let my emotions control or dominate me.

I have not been single as an adult since 1974. I was married my entire adult life up until Kathy’s untimely death. But I am a single man today. And while I am not against changing my marital status in the future, for now it is alright. Like I told a friend of mine; I am saved, single, and satisfied.

I will be sharing some of the lessons I have learned about grieving here. I will be sharing things I am still learning too. And I will be writing about things that inspire me or bother me or interest me. Feel free to come along on my journey through grief and beyond.


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