The Seasons Of Life

Just as we move from the waning days of winter so our lives and relationships go through seasons. We move through times when everything is new and fresh and exciting into times where the shared experiences of life are warm and mellow and satisfying. The times of growth and enlargement as well as the times of loss and reduction. One thing is for certain: life is always changing and therefore need never be boring.

The death of a close loved one is just one more change we go through in life. We have ideas on how these things should happen. No parent wants to bury a child. No wife wants to bury her husband. But these changes in our status quo are as normal and natural as any change in life.

The reason why grief hurts so much more than other changes may have to do with the depth of love we had for that person while they were alive. I knew that one day either Kathy would face my death or I would face hers. We talked about what we would do should the other one die. But it was still a shock to me when Kathy died.

As a Christian we are told not to mourn and sorrow as those who have no hope. And we do have a living hope. But the loss is still there. And even with a steadfast hope we still grieve. Grief is a season of life. It is what makes us human. And if we will embrace this season it will produce a quality of life in us that otherwise we would be missing.


One thought on “The Seasons Of Life

  1. I’m glad you mentioned that though we need not mourn and sorrow as those with no hope we will still grieve because we are experiencing a loss. It’s hard when it seems people think a person should be rejoicing that the loved one, in this case mom, is in heaven. Yes, I’m grateful for that, but she is still gone from my life and that is hard sometimes.


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