One of the things I have noticed being single again is dealing with being alone. This can be feeling lonely. But usually it is just dealing with the realities of living alone with no close support. When I have had a busy day and am rushed to get to church there is no one at home who will have supper waiting for me. That’s why I often go to church hungry.

The training ground for me was that during Kathy’s long illnesses I learned how to do many household chores. It’s not how to cook or clean, but finding time to get everything done. That is why Saturday has become my day to do stuff around the house. So many voices call to me to spend my one free day doing what they want. But I am strong enough to ignore them to do what needs to be done. If someone wants to come over and help me with my chores I might have time to do what they think I should do on a Saturday.

So back to loneliness. Most of the time I do not have time to be lonely. I deal with the public all week so being alone at home is blissful. My days and nights are as full as I can stand. So I spend very little time moping round or feeling sorry for myself. And when loneliness does come around I have learned at Griefshare how to deal with unwelcome emotions.

I am writing on this subject now, not because I feel lonely, but because I don’t.


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