Sitting Alone

Tonight I was sitting alone in the pew at church and it hit me, (again), I am sitting here all by myself. Then I looked around and I saw several other men also sitting by themselves. The difference was that those men are all married but for some reason their wives were not sitting by them tonight.

I have noticed several things about being alone again. When I was married it was like I always had a date and I always had a built-in seat mate. Then when I had to sit alone it was not traumatic, because it was like sitting with Kathy, she just wasn’t there. That is one big reason why I changed seats in church. It got creepy sitting there with the empty space beside me like a ghost was sitting there.

I have struggled with the idea of doing things alone that I used to do with my wife. Like sitting in church or eating in a restaurant or attending any activity involving a crowd. This is something I still struggle with to this day.

But sitting alone? Well, I know it’s not because I stink or because I am rude. I am a normal guy who likes people. But for some reason others feel uncomfortable sitting in the pew near me. Oh well, I have found my new seat and I will sit there every service. So join me or avoid me but if you need me you know where to find me.


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