Lessons For The Wise

Here are some thoughts to ponder if you are a friend of someone who is grieving. This is not an exhaustive list, but it may help you see the need to deal with a damaged soul very gently.

1. Please talk about my dead loved one to me. Good memories only please.

2.Be a quiet listener and let me talk.

3.Ignoring my grief will not make it go away.

4.If I am sad, let me be sad. Do not try to cheer me up.

5.Outward appearances can be deceiving. I may not be doing as well as I appear to be.

6.Don’t make comments about time or the future. The present is hard enough for me.

7.I cannot do everything I used to do. But invite me anyway. Even if I say no.

8.Let me cry if I need to. Just hand me a tissue and say nothing.

9.There is no time limit for grieving. Do not set one for me.

10.You cannot fix me, so do not try. Let God do what only He can do.


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