Faith And Grieving

Do you ever see God as a theological thug just waiting to beat us over the head with those stone tablets of the Law? Do you ever go to church hoping to be encouraged and leave feeling like you just got mugged by those you thought would love you the most? Well, welcome to the world of Christian grief.

Why does there sometimes seem to be such a huge disconnect between our faith and our circumstances? Sometimes we feel like if we are sad or angry or just grieving that somehow we are not spiritual or as good as other people who have had no trauma in their lives. This does not seem fair to me. Is it because God is too busy saving the lost that He doesn’t have time for the hurting at home? He saved others, why can’t He save me?

We are told by that strange man Paul that we are not to be like normal people when it comes to grieving. We are to act differently. Too bad grief is not Pentecostal. Grief is a normal human experience even when it is diminished or frowned upon by the household of faith. We expect better, but too often we get less from those we need the most.

Please understand something about grief and grieving saints. They are not having a crisis of faith as much as they are experiencing the reality of grief. People who understand this have either grieved or they are very sensitive. Those who do not have never grieved. Even as we walk by faith and not by sight, grieving people also walk through grief. Do not make their journey harder by loading them with guilt or other burdens no man can bear.



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