Why I Am Single

I won’t belabor the fact that since my dear wife died some have told me that what I need is a new wife. That may be true, but not yet. the thought of meeting and falling in love with someone right now scares me. It has only been three years since Kathy died. I am nowhere close to being ready to go down that path again.

One thing kind-hearted people do is they tell me what has helped them or what has been a blessing to them, and then they turn it to mean it’s something they think I should do. Like owning a dog or cat. No thank you. Or having a girlfriend. Easier said then done, but no thank you. I appreciate people sharing their experiences with me. But stop when it turns into advice. Please.

There are several things that could be either impediments or excuses as to why I am not looking for romance right now. Church girls are snobs and won’t give me the time of day. Non-church girls are off limits to me. That sort of narrows my field. Besides, I am enjoying most of the single life I am living now. Why would I want to change something I enjoy?

Someday someone may show interest in me in a way that turns into real love. I will know when that happens and so will she. So let nature take its course and don’t try to burden me with unrealistic expectations. Thanks.


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