Getting Better

I was thinking about the next Griefshare group meeting on Saturday and I was mildly annoyed thinking how the meeting interrupted my plans for the day. And then I stopped and realized what I had just thought. Griefshare has turned from a life saver to a chore. It made me realize that I am not the broken desperate depressed person I was when I first discovered Griefshare.

I am going to continue to the end of the 13 lesson course. I want to see how I have changed. And I want to support the newly grieving members of the group. Also, I want to learn as much as I can so that as the Lord leads people to me I can both understand their need and offer them sound help.

I used to get ambushed by sadness. Today I got ambushed by the new me.

PS: I saw a man walking his dog today and it made me smile. And I caught myself and told myself, You don’t want a dog! Is this something I subconsciously want or is it because so many people have told me I need company that a pet can provide?


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