Honest Questions

Almost every time I talk with a friend the issue of my marital status comes up. Recently I was asked, Do you see anyone you think is pretty here? How am I supposed to answer that? Of course I did. Young women. Attractive girls. But I still didn’t answer my friend.

You see, I am learning several things as I go on learning how to be a single man again. First, I enjoy most of my single life. A few things obviously I can not do without a wife. But there are more things I can do as a single man than I cannot do. But this is all a part of the learning curve for me as I adjust to this single life. The other thing I am learning is that it is much too soon for me to even think about a new relationship. My emotions are still too raw. My head is not always thinking straight. And frankly, I am afraid of falling in love right now. So I am in no hurry to find someone new and I am not actively looking for someone new.

I appreciate the concern of my friends. I hope they understand my situation. And I welcome their questions, except when their words hurt.


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