The Journey From Married To Single

I recently found an interesting video on You Tube called “Why Only The Happily Single Find True Love”. This is on the School of Life Channel. The title intrigued me so I watched the video. Basically it said that singleness gets harder as you get older, and that as a newly single person you may feel left out or ignored by your married friends. We who are single need to make sure that we don’t become desperate for marriage just because being single seems out of place.

I agree that as a widow,and I mean male or female, part of our grief journey has to do with learning how to be a successful single person. Learning how to celebrate life with it’s holidays or anniversaries or celebratory events of life alone. This is hard at first. But in time we need to make new memories by ourselves. We need to create new memorials that pertain to us as just us. Most experts agree that a newly single person who is actively looking for a new relationship may end up hurt or hurting someone else.

So in that part of the video I agree 100%. Learn to enjoy life alone without a spouse first. Then in time if the right person comes into your life it will be for the right reasons and will be a union of love and joy. For me, I am actually enjoying being single. I don’t do a lot right now. But the fog is clearing off of my mind to see opportunities to do things that bring me pleasure and enjoyment again. Thank God!


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