What’s In Your Bag?

Today someone shared with us how they learned to let go of things in their life. It was meant to show how lugging around our problems and fears and bad thoughts. The lesson involved making a list of things in our lives and taking a stone for every thing on that list and putting them in a bag. Then you have to carry that bag around with you everywhere you go. After some time when the bag gets heavy and a burden to carry you have to come to grips with issues and only then can that stone be removed.

What issues you might ask? Things like worry, fear, control, self-pity, blame, resentment, guilt, the past, expectations, and possessions. Nice list. Do you carry any of these things around in your heart and mind? How about secret sin? Or bad attitudes, or evil speaking? Are you getting the point?

In reality there are things that we must do to shed this unwanted weight. We must repent to God. We must let go of the things that are hurting us. And we must trust that He who set people free back then will set us free today. Only then can you be free from the weights that keep you down and move on.


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