Loose Ends

There have been some things I have put off and been reluctant to do since Kathy died. Grieving people and traumatized people will understand how hard that is. But today, finally, I was able to tie up a couple of loose ends that have been hanging over my head for three years now.

First, I finally got to the bank and had Kathy’s name taken off of my checking account. It was the last thing yet undone. But it is done as of today.  Things like that have such a sense of finality, like it confirms what I already know, that Kathy is gone and never coming back.

The other thing was Medicaid insurance. Kathy was covered although it was during a lapse in coverage when politicians kicked us off to save money that Kathy died. They reinstated us but too late to help her. So I went in to DES to take care of that. And there I was told that I make too much money to continue on Medicaid by myself. Which is a good thing. Kathy was the sick one, not me.

So the changes keep happening. But finally I was able to tie up these two loose ends. Now it’s time to move on and see where this new life takes me.


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