There Is No Getting Around Grief

You may have heard or read in the news about Britain’s prince Harry. How he admitted to suffering depression and other emotional breakdowns directly related to his lack of grieving for his mother, princess Diana. His mother died in 1997, but due to several unknown circumstances, Harry felt he was not allowed to grieve. They blame the British “stiff upper lip” as a contributing factor. But Harry has come forward and in the past few years he has finally grieved for the death of his mother.

In Griefshare we have learned that grief denied or suppressed does not go away. Rather it can and often does produce physical and mental and emotional problems down the road. That is why we learn that grief must be embraced, and it must be allowed to be expressed in our emotions. Only then can we truly emerge on the other side of grief with a changed but normal life.

Prince Harry has done that and is finally able to move on. Don’t follow his footsteps though. Don’t wait 20 years to mourn. If you need help find a Griefshare group near you and attend a meeting and talk to a leader. They have good advice for you.


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