Single Living

Adjusting to being single has some internal issues that I have had to overcome and some practical issues to deal with as well. Today it was the external practical issues that had me bothered for a while.

I had several things that I thought I needed to do right after work. Come home and do some then make supper and then do the others. I was really wishing I had someone to help me get  to all of these self-imposed chores. I started to get angry about the unfairness of it all.

And then I stopped. I began to sort out what had to happen tonight and what I wanted to happen tonight. And when it all settled down in my mind I crossed most of the things I wanted to do off of my to do list. After a long day at work I needed some rest and some nourishment. So I warmed up some leftovers and had a nice satisfying dinner. Everything else I just didn’t do.

If someone doesn’t like my yard they can offer to help me trim it. If someone would happen to see the dirty dishes in the sink and it bothered them they could pitch in and wash them. But as for me, I got my ACA account set up and my premium paid so I am taken care of should I need medical care. And since it’s too dark out now I took time to write here a few lines.

A man has to know his limitations, and he has to set priorities. No one knows better what I need than me. God knows, but He hasn’t offered to help around the house.


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