Just Right Like I Am

I was thinking today about being single. Is it hard, is it different, is it worth it? I think a lot while I drive. I was weighing the difference and judging whether I was better off married or in a relationship or single. So far as of today I am leaning on single over a new relationship.

There are benefits of being married and being in relationship with someone. But I am enjoying the freedom of being single. I am not like someone who has never been married and who is therefore anxious to experience that phase of life. I have been married and now I am not. But that is alright. The few things I miss not being married do not outweigh the pleasure and liberty I enjoy being single. No one asked me where I was or who I was with or what I was doing all day today.

If you have never been married I encourage you to do it. If you had a bad first marriage don’t give up. Try again. But as for me, unless someone comes into my life and knocks me off of my feet I will be happy just as I am.


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