Some Thought on my Single Life

I know I write a lot about grieving here. But in reality I am not grieving any more. I have fond memories of my wife Kathy but no more sadness or depression over her untimely death.

I do think a lot about my strange new single life. As a 62 year old single man this is quite a strange trip I am on. I am not hip and young any more. I am healthy but not in great shape (yet). I enjoy many things about my life now and I am only annoyed about a few things. I am not like some seniors I see, trying to look and act young. Face it granny, you may be thin and have long blond hair but your sex appeal is about -10.

I enjoy watching people. In my job as a bus driver I see people all day long. Most folks I see are normal everyday looking people. A few homeless bums and a few strange looking people just to make it interesting. I work in Prescott, AZ. Not exactly a multicultural mecca. It is a retirement town where half of the people who live here are over 50 years old. Go into a trendy night spot and it will be a few young people and a bunch of bored old folks.

What has all of that got to do with me being single? It’s just my thoughts tonight. I am content in my own skin and I am content to be who I am and I am content not to be hip or young.


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