What Makes Life Worth Living?

I watched a moving TED talk given in 2016 by Lucy Kalanithi. She was talking about death, the death of her husband. I heard that, but I also heard about living after someone dies.

Grief is such a confusing, jumbled up time of emotional upheaval. It is a time full of sadness and uncertainity, making decisions with no clear view forward or refrence point to fix on. We get angry feeling we should not have to suffer or hurt like this. Grief is hard, messy, and painful.

What does resilience mean to you? Bouncing back to where you were before? We come to the harsh reality that life will never be like it was before that loved one died. But resilience does not mean bouncing back or pretending that the hard stuff isn’t hard. Lucy said this, “Living fully means accepting suffering.”

One thing we all need to learn is living is more than just staying alive. It means embracing the hard stuff in our lives, not running away from it. It means being honest about your hurts and your feelings and your fears. It is amazing how joy and sadness can co-exist in us at the same time.

What makes life worth living? It is being willing to love even when we know it will hurt when that love is lost.

Here’s the TED talk https://www.ted.com/talks/lucy_kalanithi_what_makes_life_worth_living_in_the_face_of_death#t-612918


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