Rose Colored Glasses

I was reading today about unmet expectations and wearing rose colored glasses in life. This to me is not the same as being optimistic or having a bright outlook on life. It is to me referring to having an unrealistic expectation of how life should go both today and always. The awful shoulds of life. I should be pretty, I should be rich, I should be happy, etc.

It keeps coming back to me that should be and actually is are two very different things. Without some expectation or motivation in life we get stuck going nowhere. But too much ambition can make us frustrated and angry and sick. What are we to do?

Like all of life the secret lies in balance. Being content with who we are and where we are and what we have is important to a happy life. But we need a little stirring and stress to keep life interesting. Do you agree?

So the problem with rose colored glasses is that when you take them off the shock of how things are may startle you. Unless you manage to maintain an even keel and not allow your emotions to rule your life. then seeing the best in yourself and others will be based on reality and not on fantasy.


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