The Adventure Continues

One thing I have been noticing as a newly single man is how, among the world of married people, I am an afterthought if I am thought of at all. When plans are being made or events are being organized married people tend to join togehter and us single adults are left out. Young people may deal with this but if you are older like me it is a new thing to deal with.

The problem with hardening yourself against being ignored or slighted is that you become hard in other areas of life. You make plans to be alone so you won’t be hurt when you are left out of married people’s plans. You say you don’t care often enough and in time you won’t care about anyone or anything.

I don’t have an easy solution to this. I know there are no simple solutions to complex problems. I try as much as I can stand to insert mysellf into social situations even if everyone else is married. Those who know me know that I was married so it’s not like I am ignorant of married people’s livestyles. But as in all things related to grieving and singleness, the adventure continues.


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