Grief Support Pro and Con

I recently had a conversation with one of the leaders of the Griefshare group I have attended. We talked about the pro’s and con’s of the Griefshare program. It was good for me to hear her perspective since she has been doing grief support work for many years.

One problem with a one size fits all approach is that is will be too much for one person and not enough for another person. The newly grieving person will be overwhelmed by information that is perfect fo someone like me who is years down the road and needing some direction. And no matter how we try to prepare people for this some still drop out early because it is all overwhelming to their fragile emotions.

Griefshare tries to take people from mourning to joy in 13 sessions. No one who is grieving will move through the grief process that quickly. For me, it helped me realize I was normal and not crazy. For others, the pain and anger is still too raw for them to get much benefit from the material presented. We both agreed that the videos take up time that often could be better spent with open sharing among the participants.

Is there a perfect grief support program? No. Does grief support help? Absolutely. Was Griefshare a blessing to me. My life pivoted around my attending a Griefshare group. The conclusion may simply be that we all mourn the death of a close loved one differently. Grief is a personal matter. There are people who God sends our way to help us. There are tools we learn to help us not get hurt by well meaning people. And in time you will find that the sorrow has turned to joy.  Jesus Christ still heals the broken hearted no matter how badly that heart has been broken.


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