A Good Decision

I have a good job that I like. It’s not great, but I make enough money to get by on every month.  Recently I was approached by another company recruiting me to drive for them. It was nice to feel wanted and I went along with the idea for a while. I even worked for them a little. But I had one of those funny nagging feelings that I shouldn’t be spreading myself so thin and working 2 jobs. And then when I got my first paycheck from the new company I was so disappointed. I jumped through all of those hoops and worked on my day off for this?
The new company called me to work today. They are very busy and short handed. I said no. They tried to strong arm me and pressure me to work. So much for being all smiley and nice to me up front. So as soon as I get my next check from them I will give them the bad news. When they want to pay me real money and give me a reason to sacrifice my only day off for them maybe we will talk again.

So today I got caught up on my house cleaning chores. I told my current manager about my decision to commit only to them. I have 9 years invested in this company. They gave me a job in 2008 when guys like me could not buy a job. I am grateful for that. And I have time to sit here and write a little. All in all I feel like a weight has lifted off of my mind.

Isn’t it funny how people think they know what is best for us?


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