Thinking Out Loud

Don’t you hate being misunderstood? Like when you open up to someone and share what’s on your heart and they misinterpret that to mean something you never even implied. And when you mention it to them they act like they’re right and you’re wrong. When it was your idea or concern to begin with.

Along with this comes the attitude of some people who feel it is their calling in life to fix everyone they talk to. I am a good listener. I want to hear what someone is really saying. Not everyone is like that. They hear me talk and they hear a problem so they set out to give me advice on how to fix my “problem”.

Sometimes I make the mistake of thinking out loud. I muse ideas verbally around people. You know how it is when you are puzzling over a problem and the solution is not obvious, that by telling someone your problem the answer suddenly becomes clear. I do that because it works. Some people hear me and assume I have a dilemma that they have the answer for.

This just happened to me recently so it is on my mind. It makes me want to keep my thoughts to myself and not open up to anybody. But in reality there are just some people I know who I find it is better to keep my concerns to myself when they are around. The good news is that in spite of my friend’s “help” my decision became clear to me and I have peace about my way forward, which is important to me.


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