Happy Birthday To Me

It’s my birthday today, July 5th. I am 62 years old today. I do not feel that old even though I may look that old. But I feel great. Happy, healthy, and at peace. I was grateful for my family and friends who reached out to me today, even if I had to tell them it was my birthday today. Like I have written about grieving, people do not know what is happening in our lives if we do not tell them.

Anyway, I thought I was beyond anyone making a fuss over me on a day like today. But it felt very nice when they did. It didn’t involve a ton of money, or a cake, or anything like that. My friend Alan gave me $10 for a trip to Dutch Brothers coffee, which I will do very soon. It also is a nice change that the gifts I received I can take my time to spend since all of my needs are met. This has not always been true.

So if you are having a birthday, happy birthday to you. I got a couple of small eclairs instead of a cake, just to be different. They were yummy. And no big party, since we have church on Wednesday nights. But it has been a happy day overall today.


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