It’s a warm summer day where I live. I am just taking it easy today, doing some household chores. Later once it cools off I will go get some groceries.

I kept a gratitude journal for a while, trying to reset my thinking from complaining to being grateful. But as you can see from my opening statement, I live a pretty boring life. As I looked back on what I had written I noticed that a pattern had developed. I was grateful for the same things over and over. I remembered the circumstances for some of the things I had written. But mostly it was the same things day after day.

I suppose I am no different from most people. Life is not one thrill after another. At least not for long. Even a roller coaster ride gets boring if you do it often enough. So I thought, why go through the exercise of writing three things I am grateful for if I have already written those things down many times before?

I am grateful to have a sound mind, a reasonably healthy body, and peace. I am grateful for joy when it happens, for friends, and for wisdom to make good decisions. I am grateful for those who read my blog and who share their blogs with me. And I am grateful that the monsoon rains have started falling here in Arizona. It may be a dry heat, but it still gets hot.


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