Moving Forward Through Grief

Moving forward is the ultimate goal of grieving. Grief is not our permanent place of living or our new normal. Grief is something we experience, something we cannot avoid, but it is temporary. I copied some thoughts from the Griefshare daily emails I get and thought they may be some benefit to you as well. The subject is Moving Forward through grief.

Moving forward does not mean …
you forget the person.
you never feel the pain of your loss.
you believe that life is fair.
Moving forward does mean …
you experience a lessening of the pain.
you can treasure your best memories of the person who has died.
you can realistically accept the different aspects of your loss.
you can form new relationships, try new things.

There is more that could be said. But if you need a little push to get unstuck, this may just be enough. I can testify that there is life after grief.



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