Life As It Is Today

It has been a long, busy week. I have things that need to be done around the house today but they can wait a little while longer. I just finished my Dutch Brothers coffee so I’m ready to write a little.

I have two friends who are also widowers and who have remarried. Both Dennis and Charlie were widowed 7 years before the remarried and they seem to be happy in their new relationships. I thought about that 7 year number. Is it coincidence, or is there something to that? I don’t know, but I am studying it more.

I had hoped that I could beat the rap or bypass the process, but as it looks at this point in my life I still have 4 more years before I can even hope to enter a new relationship. It is so easy to write 7 years, but you still have to live those years. There are times when 7 years sounds like forever.

One thing I did discover is that I need to stop beating myself up over not having a girlfriend. That female companionship may be in my future, but just like in gambling, if you are desperate, you will lose.

I know I am not alone in my unwanted singleness. But it is my singleness that I have to deal with every day, not everyone elses. I wish I could settle this issue one way or another and move on to bigger and better things. Fretting over my status is a distraction and it keeps me from enjoying life as it is.

No matter what, today I am single. Tomorrow I will still be single. There are no prospects in my little world. So instead of worrying about what I cannot change, I will focus on life as it is today.


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