The Untethered Life

Are you old enough to remember the time before mobile phones? Before cell phones? Before technology created the strange 24/7 connected life we live now? I do. For decades the only phone was the one hanging on the wall in the kitchen. If it rang when you were home you answered it. If it rang when you were not home it rang until the caller hung up. No answering machines or caller id or anything. This worked fine for me my whole life. Until cell phones came along.

I won’t go into the evolution of mobile phones. But now with my iPhone I can not only be connected through calls or texting, but I can access the internet from anywhere. It’s cheap and easy and it is a great tool until you begin to feel like a slave to your phone. Have you ever lost or forgotten to take your phone with you? Did you panic?

This morning as I was getting ready to go to church I had an idea. I left my phone at home. I went to church, and the only thing I missed was the time. But hey, it’s the Lord’s day, so let Him take as much time as He needs. Looking at a clock never made time speed up. Never.

So starting today I am untethered from my phone on the weekends. No work calls, and only answer calls or texts when I am at home. Some people put their phone on airplane mode on the weekends. I still need to have a phone, just not all the time. And not at church.


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