My Juggling Act

As I get older I more and more find myself in a juggling act. A part of me wants to retire and step aside so the next generation can take us all forward. But another part of me says, hey, I’m not dead yet. Don’t count me out.

It is harder to retire than I thought it would be. I thought you just quit working and do something else. But most of the retired people I talk to either have a new job or they talk about what they used to do. Old people who talk endlessly about what they did when they were young. Successful people who talk about their careers and their contributions.

The problem with past successes is that you may find that the world has moved on and your success doesn’t even matter anymore. The problem with living out our youthful past again is it makes us look pathetic. This is an unwinnable exercise.

So back to my juggling act. I still work full-time, though this may be the last full time job I ever work. And I have no big plans for my next career. But I have learned a few things in life that may be of some value to someone if only we could connect.

So don’t look for me at the adult day care any time soon. I won’t be active in the senior center next year. I may travel to your part of the world and would love to meet you. But no matter what I do, I will not live my life looking in the rear view mirror.


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