I Am Grateful

It is a beautiful, sunny, Saturday morning where I live. No work today, nothing pressing to do. So I got myself another cup of coffee and thought it would be a good time to jot down a few thoughts.

I am grateful that grief does not last forever. I see cars with messages on the back in memory of a dead loved one. One I saw this week said my eyes will never stop running with tears. Mine have stopped. It is not necessary or helpful to grieve perpetually. Life has moved on, and the dead person doesn’t care. Sorry but that is the truth.

I am grateful that I do not have to work two jobs just to make ends meet. There was a time when that was necessary. But not now. I am not rich, but I have enough.

I took a week off from working out this past week. I was tired. Usually that is no excuse. But this week it was. I will be back on track starting Monday.

If the American Dream is having your children be better off than me, than I am seeing the American Dream for my two children. They are both prospering, buying nice homes, and living much higher up the food chain than I ever have. I am grateful for them.

I am grateful that I am not an obsessive house cleaner. I keep my house clean. When something starts to bother me I clean it. But I do not fret or stress over dust or dirt.

I am glad that as I adjust to the new normal of my post grief life, things are becoming clearer. I do things that please me, and I avoid doing things that displease me. My desires have changed, my appetites have changed. I am not driven to succeed. I am not addicted to pleasure or exercise. I am happy just living my hum drum life and enjoying life as it is, not as someone thinks it should be. Should is a four letter word to me.

I am grateful for a sound mind, a peaceful spirit, reasonably good health, and a bright future. And I am grateful for you who read my blog and take time to respond.

God bless you and make His face to shine upon you today and every day.


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