Reliving The Past: A Good Option For Retirement?

As I get closer and closer to retirement age I find that many experts tell me that as I wind down my working days I need to branch out in more creative ways. One thing a lot of these experts agree on is thinking back to my childhood and thinking about what I used to love or dream about back then but never did and do that.

I like to think things through. What could a child dream of that would be satisfying to a mature wise and intelligent man today? Much of growing up is passing the milestones like school or driving or dating or marriage. So the thrill of discovery and achievement from back then is supposed to challenge and motivate and satisfy me today? I don’t see how.

I am thinking about the future, what I want to do now that I am grown up. Is there anything I left undone or gave up along the way that I could restart and try again now? A hobby, a relationship, a career? I am too old to go back to school with any realistic idea that I could learn something that would open doors to me. School would just be academic exercises for me. I gave 40 years of my adult life to my marriage and I am not too excited about starting over with someone new right now. Some hobbies or activities are too physically demanding even for me. So I am back to square one.

I never thought about this as a young man, what I would do when I got old. So I have no plan. Oh I live a good life with work and church and friends and family. But I feel like there should be something more than my narrow existence is providing. I am open to new ideas. I am thinking about this a lot some days. I want to do things before I am too old and worn out to do anything.  Any ideas?


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