A Realxing Saturday

What a beautiful summer morning this morning. Not too hot, nice breeze blowing.  Had some breakfast and some coffee and now it’s blogging time. I have another blog that I write on besides this one.

My friend Alan just lost his mother last week. She was old and sick so I am glad for her that it’s over. Alan still has to deal with the aftermath, and it is sad for us when we lose someone we love. Loraine was a sweetheart to me. I will miss her.

I am glad that after along week at work I can relax a little, even thought there are chores to be done. The world won’t come to an end if my floors aren’t clean and my dishes aren’t washed and the lawn isn’t mowed. The sun is shining, the clouds are fluffy and white, and it’s great to be alive.

What do you do when you have more work than time? Do you run yourself ragged, or do you give up in despair, or do you stop and say, enough; The rest can wait? There is a time when we need to work harder to get things done. But for me, today is not that day. My friends asked me to drive them to the airport in Phoenix later this afternoon so that is my big job for the day. Everything else can wait.

Do you remember the days before the internet, and before smart phones, and before personal computers? I do. What does technology do for us that makes our lives better? I have tech gadgets that I don’t use because I don’t need them. I only have a smart phone because texting is easier, and sometimes texting is a better way to communicate. I am writing on my pc, online, but I could live without it. I have books and photographs from the past but none from recent times because we don’t read books or take photographs anymore.

I hope you are well and that your life is all you hoped it would be. If it isn’t, ask God to help. He can make a difference in your life.


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