Friday Night Ramblings

It’s a nice warm Friday night here in Arizona. I finished some supper, took care of some personal things, and here I am. The cicadas were buzzing but now that the sun is set they are quiet. Nothing now but the fan behind me blowing some nice cooling breezes over me.

It’s pay-day today. I am always grateful for that. And soon my early retirement money will come pouring in as I continue to work full-time. Why quit when it’s something I enjoy doing? The extra income will give me some options I don’t currently have, like travel and home improvements. It will be a blessing for sure.

It’s great being alone in this time of my life. No one to worry about or look out for but me. No one to please but me and Jesus. Enjoying a peaceful and restful night in my modest home.

I hope y’all have a nice weekend whatever you do. Or don’t do. Sometimes doing nothing is the best.

One final thought. I have been listening to The Seekers lately. If you don’t know who they are look them up on You Tube. I love their folksy music.


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