City Boy In A Country Town?

I just got home from taking my friends to Phoenix to catch a plane. Lately when I go there I come home depressed. Phoenix is a large thriving city of around 5 million. Where I live is about 43 thousand. Nice if you like quiet and empty spaces.

I wonder if this is part of the change that grief has done to me. I find country life boring. I like the sights and sounds and smells of the country. But living here is stifling sometimes. The city feels alive, even when your little neighborhood is quiet, the city is constantly moving. Phoenix is not like Chicago or Manhattan or San Francisco. It is sprawling and rarely very tall.

I’m not sure that the Phoenix metro area is for me. But it would be nice for me to feel the hum and buzz of the city for a while. In the mean time, a good nights sleep and I will feel better in the morning.


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