One Hundred Trillion Dollars

What would you do with one million dollars? What would you do with one hundred trillion dollars? In other words, what would you do if money was no object?

I had a dream like that recently. I came into one hundred trillion US dollars legally. I wondered what to do. First, I set up a company to buy and renovate and sell residential real estate. I hired contractors and salespeople and lawyers and accountants and bankers and set up an LLC corporation.

Next we began buying up blighted houses and tearing them down to build apartment buildings for low income families. Later we got into investing in start-ups and small companies and professional practices like dentists.  At some point I hired a general manager and became a silent partner, although I did finally have to quit my job to focus on this empire.

The final thoughts in my dream had to do with location. Could I continue what we started here, or did we need to go to a bigger city. We deliberately did not take any government money so we could be free to do what we wanted. And we did not try to help everyone, understanding that you can’t help everyone.

And then I woke up. My dream was not as clear as it is as I write it down, but it came into focus as I thought about what I could do with one hundred trillion dollars.


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