Better To Be Happy Than Fit

Do you work out? Either at the gym or at home? Honestly, if you do, do you see any real improvement in your physical well-being?

I used to walk almost every day. For months. Until one day that I finally had to admit that I was not getting thinner or stronger no matter how much I walked.  In 2016 I decided to join a gym. Not for weight lifting, but for aerobics. I did it for a year, it seemed to be a good aerobic workout. But nothing seemed to change or improve. I have a treadmill at home but it isn’t a challenge anymore. I have dumbbells at home but can’t really say they make me stronger.

My point is, does working out really do anything other than the adrenalin rush? I will never look like the men on the posters. I will never be cut or ripped. I could work out strenuously for years and never see those kind of results. Neither will you.

I agree that what we eat and do is important to a point. But improving my life by being more disciplined or working harder will never happen. I like hiking because I enjoy being outdoors and I love the sound of the wind in the pines. I push myself by hiking up hill. But I am not getting thinner, though I am getting stronger from the waist down.

So go to the gym if you feel it helps, or don’t.  Do what feels good and don’t expect miracles. Better to be happy than to be fit. If you have a slim and trim figure, great. If you are normal, that’s even better. Better still to be healthy in mind and body and spirit than to be addicted to the workout fantasy.


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