I Need Wisdom

Several years ago I wanted to sell my home, buy an RV and hit the road for a while. Not a permanent situation, but a chance to do something I want to do while I am young enough and able to do it. I don’t want to be sitting in an old folks home full of regrets over things I never did.

Retirement experts tell us to look down the road and see how you will need to live as you age. I see that, and that makes me even more determined to do something even if it’s wrong.

I have been studying about reverse mortgages for my home. But something about them gives me reason to pause. Home equity is something I am owner of. Borrowing against that so that in the end the bank makes money on my home is troubling. I guess this is partly due to my experiences during the recession. I don’t trust bankers at all.

Ideally I should sell my home and downsize into something smaller and cheaper. Except in this area real estate is outrageously high. All of the rich retirees have eliminated cheap housing for me. My hose is all I can afford, though I do not have the money to do regular maintainance and repairs. What a dilemma!

I hear what friends tell me about roommates or a second job. But I think I know what is best for me.I didn’t live this long by being stupid. I have roots here, and friends. I don’t want to live near my family. I am not afraid of new people and places.

I am asking God to give me wisdom, since He knows the end from the beginning.


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